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The second issue of the EASTAP Journal is dedicated to Past, Present and Future of Creative Processes in European Performing Arts. As Milo Rau states in the Ghent Manifesto: ‘Theatre is not a product but a production process’. The editors want to chart in what sense this production process has been formulated in the past, how it is changing in our times and how much it reflects current debates about democracy, interculturalism, hierarchy, authorship and so on. The issue features ten articles from researchers all over Europe focussing on a wide variety of topics within the field of theatre genetics.

One of the papers will present the research of the ARGOS team at Palmela (Portugal) with Teatro O Bando directed by João Brites: ‘ARGOS un projet innovant d’observations de processus de création en Europe’, written by Maria João BrilhanteBrigitte ProstSophie Proust,  Ana Clara Santos. Issue Editors are Lorenzo MangoSophie Lucet and Luk Van den Dries.

Please visit to check out the result of our collaborative work on what we believe has turned into an exciting new issue.