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Séverine Leroy

Researcher and lecturer in Theatre Studies

Théâtre National de Bretagne and Rennes 2 University

Séverine Leroy is Doctor in theatre studies at Rennes 2 University. She devoted her thesis to the work of the Auteur-director Didier-Georges Gabily. She is a lecturer and researcher associated with the theatre studies team at Rennes 2 University. Since 2017, she has been conducting research in sound studies and is interested, among other things, in the archives of creation, the sound archives of research and the narrative processes of sound writing. Within the ARGOS programme, she ensures the sound recordings of the various observations and questions the ways in which experience is transmitted through sound.

Since 2014, she has developed a practice as sound documentary filmmaker in connection with her research activities for culture France, the Ille-Vilaine departmental archives, the Archives of art criticism and ADEC. She is also in charge of the evaluation and dissemination of the ARGOS project in Théâtre National de Bretagne and in close collaboration with the scientific consortium.