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Chiara Guidi


Dedicated for years to her original theatrical work involving childhood and the voice, Chiara Guidi cofounded in Cesena, Italy – along with Claudia and Romeo Castellucci and Paolo Guidi – the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (now Societas). More than any other, this Italian theatre company left its mark on the international contemporary performing arts scene beginning in the 1980s.

Chiara Guidi has long been responsible for the dramatic rhythm and the sonorous and vocal composition of its works (including the Tragedia Endogonidia). Actress, dramaturge-director and educator, her volume La voce in una foresta di immagini invisibili (The Voice in a Forest of Invisible Images), recently been published by Nottetempo, illustrates the “molecular technique” she invented in order to sound out the theatrical word.

Her research on childhood and the voice saw its first crowning moment with Buchettino, a sound performance for children that has been staged throughout the world over the last twenty-five years.