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Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre/Hammana Artist House

Hammana Artist House

Belgium and Lebanon

Moussem provides support to artists and creates programs that help shape the global contemporary art scene and engage in the creation of a new common cultural heritage.

It speaks directly to a varied urban audience. It plays a unique, intercultural part in the art world by integrating the work it offers into established arts institutions on the basis of long-term reciprocal partnerships.

One of these partners in Hammana Artist House. Located in the beautiful village of Hammana, 1200m above sea level and 40 minutes away from Beirut, Hammana Artist House is a multidisciplinary art residency space with a focus on performing arts. Founded in 2016 by D. Robert Eid in partnership with Collectif Kahraba, Hammana Artist House is above all a space for artistic development, a space to create and connect. Hammana Artist House is open to local and international artists to deepen their artistic research, meet diverse audiences, develop their networks and reinforce their social engagement.